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Fireside Winter Newsletter

Dear Friends of Fireside,

First of all, Happy Holidays and thanks for all your support! 2023 was a great year for Fireside. We began offering our 6 week intro to wheel throwing classes, we were the subject of a nice Hub article, and we enjoyed seeing your smiling faces in class and at markets! To keep you all informed on the coming months we’ve compiled a list of all our markets, classes, and activities. All class spots are now reservable through our website .

Upcoming Classes:

  • Intro-to-Throwing Class (Thursday Evenings, January 18th- February 22nd)

  • 4 spots available!

  • $200 per person for 6 weeks of classes and all materials

  • Hatch Artist Studios 5:30-7:30pm

  • Intro-to-Throwing Class (Tuesday Evenings, March 5th- April 9th)

  • 3 spots available!

  • Intro-to-Throwing Class (Thursday Evenings, March 7th - April 11th)

  • 5 spots available!

  • Open Studio Time (Every Wednesday)

  • Hatch Artist Studios, 5-7pm

  • $30 + clay 

  • Contact me to schedule an evening to use the pottery studio without instruction. This is meant for those with prior pottery experience

Upcoming Markets:


  • January 4th

  • Hatch Artist Studios 5-9pm

  • We are offering large discounts on leftover or imperfect pottery!

  • Haggling or bartering accepted

  • $5 and up!

  • First Fridays (Fridays, January 4th and February 2nd)

  • Hatch Artist Studios, 5-9pm

  • Mother Stewart's Winter Markets

  • January through May

  • Saturdays 11am-2pm

  • We will attend every other week

Thank you for all your support throughout the year!


Casey Luther

Founder & Potter

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